Asana → Skype bot

Get all your Asana notifications delivered to Skype


How it Works?

The setup takes less than 3 minutes through our guided wizard, and requires no further action to receive future notifications straight to Skype once the setup is complete.


Step 1

Authorize our Asana app to receive notifications related to your account


Step 2

Add our Skype Bot to your contact list


Step 3

Authenticate with our bot by supplying the authentication code provided from our setup wizard


As we are in Beta right now, we only have one feature. Any feature requests should be directed to

Real-time Notifications

Receive instant notifications every time something that concerns you happens in your Asana projects.

Who is GotMemo for?

This app is for people who use both Asana and Skype in their day-to-day operations, and are looking to increase their productivity by being better informed.

If you have missed important notifications from Asana in the past, or wish you'd get them faster, you are who we made this app for!

If you are happy with the way you are receiving notifications from Asana right now, this app probably won't be a good fit for you.

Pricing Plan

$ 25

per year

Total Notifications

Email/Skype Support


While we don't limit the notifications received in the premium plans, Asana does. The limit is very unlikely to be met (150 requests/minute if you are using the free version of Asana, 1500 if premium). You can read more about it here.
Absolutely! We store the information regarding the notifications until you are an active user. Once you stop using our service, we will remove all your data (except for your account information, should you decide to pick the service up again).
We'll refund any payment within 7 days of making it, no questions asked (although feedback is always appreciated).
All you need to do is go to Profile > Apps > Deauthorize in Asana. You can read more about it at